Principal Message

Dear Parents,

Baba Ramnath Utkarsh Pharmacy College attracts students from all part of the country which is testimony to our experience and excellence in the field of professional studies. Baba Ramnath Utkarsh Pharmacy College has attained a highly respectable position amongst the best professional educational institutions in India.

A true value based education system at Baba Ramnath Utkarsh Pharmacy College endows the students with the spiritual fervour leading to fearlessness and dynamism to meet life's most critical situations efficiently. Development of self esteem in each student making each student feel special, appreciation of talent, passion for learning and providing challenging and innovative education is the sole aim of the college. We aim to provide a stimulating, happy, and secure educational environment where children grow as vast community with confidence in themselves. All departments in the college work in harmony and coordination with each other to nurture the talents. It is a great privilege to serve in this college which is moving from strength to strength and has a promising future.

"Our Mission at Baba Ramnath Utkarsh Pharmacy College is to educate young aspirants in various technical fields to fulfill global requirement of human resources by providing sustainable quality education, training and invigorating environment also molding them into skilled, competent and socially responsible citizens who will lead the building of a powerful nation."

Mr. Ravikant Tiwari
Principal / Incharge
Contact: 9721339006